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GX53 LED Lamps

We have produced GX53 LED Bulb for more than 10 years. About this lamp, we have totally five models. We use SMD2835 chips, all our products with CE and ROHS certificates. The material usually is PBT housing and plastic cover. For plane plastic GX53 LED Lamps, the real power is from 3 to 8 watts. For petal plastic GX53 Lights, the real power is from 7 to 9 watts. For heat conducting plastic GX53, the real power is from 8 to 10 watts. For Plastic Coated Aluminum GX53 Bulb, the real power is from 10 to 13w and the material of cover is PC. For Aluminum Die Casting GX53 LED Lamps, the real power is from 9 to 10 watts and we can do glass or plastic cover as your require. About the drivers, we have linear IC, DOB IC and constant IC, the input voltage of linear IC is from 220-240V, for DOB IC and constant IC is from 180-265V, no flickering. The common size is 28*75(Multiply)mm, but we also have the height around 22mm(millimeter).